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How do you prepare?

It’s Sunday, what does that mean to you? I know many attends church but after that what do you do? Do you use Sunday to prepare for the upcoming week? Or is Sunday a complete relaxation day?

For me, I use Sunday as a day to relax physically but I do prepare mentally for the upcoming week. My routine starts on Friday by creating our meal plan, and on Saturday I buy what's needed and prep the fruits and veggies. Now on Sunday I sleep in or attempt to then I have my devotion time, I usually try to find a sermon to watch or an inspirational video to motivate me for the week. Next, I go over my goals for the month by checking in with myself. I sit down and respond to each goal determining if I’m making steps to achieve those goals or if I need to make some adjustments. No, this does not mean I achieve every goal, but it does keep my goals in the forefront.

If a Sunday lands on the beginning of a new month like today, I create a new workout plan for the month. My goal this month is to add another cardio day, so this took a little more time than usual. Once I have planned out my workouts, I’m set for the month.

I don’t diet but I am aware of what I eat. I just finished my Hold Yourself Accountable challenge and with what I’ve learned I can now approach this week more prepared, I do plan on making some adjustment and extending the challenge for a month. This challenge can be found in my workbook Pushing Beyond the Physical. I will be making a follow-up video detailing what I learned and the adjustments I will make so stay tuned.

Lastly, I prepare for my work week. I work for myself and as a new business owner there are times, I don’t know what to do. Since I’m a plan girl, if I want to be productive, I need to plan it. I come up with content ideas, write down any sessions I have for the week, and then use that to plan my week. I’ve learned when I don’t plan, I’m not as productive as I like to be.

So, how do you set yourself up for a productive week?

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