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Absolutely recommend working with Lina! She truly understands the struggles that come with the weight loss journeys and is completely supportive throughout the process. You will NOT regret working with her at all!


"Push Beyond the Physical" (PBTP) PUSHED ME to rethink my thoughts about food and health—mentally, emotionally, and physically! Lina, the creator, also helped me understand the importance of giving myself GRACE. I highly recommend PBtP right now. Don't wait until Monday, after Thanksgiving, or the New Year. Reach out to her NOW!


I truly thank you for helping me and your encouraging words to keep me going. Helping me realize that it takes time and to not be so hard on myself. You taught me to look myself in the mirror and appreciate and love what I see. Thank you, I appreciate you.


Coach Lina spent several weeks getting to the root cause of my problems with food and movement. It was sleep! She was patient but firm when necessary. I highly recommend giving her a try if you’re ready to get serious about your health journey. She didn’t force me to weigh myself but allowed me the option to choose other ways to measure my success . She kept it real and asked the tough questions necessary to get to results. We developed an action plan I can achieve! 5 stars ⭐️


The experience I had with Coach Lina has helped me view health and wellness in a different light. The fundamentals she taught us was outside of just what you eat and exercise. She helped us to see so many more factors that contribute to our well being. I am now aware of how sleep, my mental capacity, and how putting my self first contributes to me living a healthier lifestyle. Coach Lina has helped me start my new journey and I’m loving it.

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