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Tunnel vision on one thing

I noticed this morning my treadmill was skipping and when I started to focus, I realized it was my feet. So, I intentionally focused on how my feet landed on the treadmill and I realized that I was landing straight down. So, I tried landing heel to toe and noticed I wasn't experiencing the skipping as much. Now, this may be wrong, but I'm certified in group fitness not running lol. What I noticed while focusing on how my feet landed, I wasn't paying attention to the time. The time went faster, and the run seemed a little more intense but also, I was able to increase the speed. What I learned is, if I'm intentionally focusing on one goal instead of all of them, I'm much more likely to make progress while enjoying the ride. I won't be too caught up on how much time has passed and/or how much longer I have to go. So, my messge for you today is : Give all your attention to that one goal or habit instead of doing everything at once and see what you can learn from the experience.#pbpcoaching #healthandwellness #lifestyle

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