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Keep trying

I was doing my end of the month check-in for my goals, and I recognized that I have a couple of goals that are reoccurring. These are goals that I have tried to achieve over several months with no progress. While seeing this, a part of me felt bad, but the coach in me recognized that I had no reason to feel that way. I know that it takes a lot of strength to consistently try to reach a goal and with many failed attempts, many might just give up, but I hadn’t. I’m proud that even though I hadn’t achieved these goals I’m still willing to keep trying. So, my message for you today is keep trying, you might have to tried 6 times and, on the 7th, attempt you finally achieved that goal. With each “failed’ attempt there is something to learn. Try to see what the lesson is and give it another try. Yes, the success in reaching that goal is great but the fact that you never gave up is where you should be extremely proud. So, keep trying, you will get there.

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