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Meet Lina 

Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Nutrition Coach

I started my health and fitness journey in 2011. I weighed 329 pounds, and within the next two years, I lost 114 lbs.  I achieved this by practicing portion control and taking group fitness classes. For the next two years, I maintained the weight loss. Once I joined the fitness industry, everything changed.  My purpose in becoming a group fitness instructor was to help others achieve their goals. I didn’t know how detrimental it would be for me. From 2013-2020, I battled with many unhealthy behaviors aiming to “look” like the other instructors. During that time, I acquired more certifications like personal training and health coaching to expand my knowledge, but I was still struggling to find my place in the industry. 


Fast forward to 2020, it took us to going into lockdown for me to see how far I had strayed away from my original purpose. For the next three years, I decided to heal my relationship with food, fitness, and my body. The healing process did include gaining some weight. I am grateful to be back in my purpose. I created Push Beyond the Physical, LLC, to teach people that health is more than weight loss. I want to educate you on different ways to improve your health without making weight loss the focus. My goal is to help you do the following: move more, lift more, drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and manage your stress levels.   So, let’s Push Beyond the Physical and create the best version of you!


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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